New quickie divorce procedure

As reported exclusively by the BBC (see above), the Government has today introduced quickie divorces. No longer will it be necessary to wait months for a divorce to come through - all that will be required is a simple trip to a solicitor, who will be able to take the required details, print off and hand the decree absolute to their client there and then.

A spokesperson for Resolution said that the new simplified procedure will be a boon to all divorcing couples: "This new procedure will greatly reduce the delay and stress involved in divorce, not just for the parties involved, but also for their solicitors", she said.

However, the new procedure is not being welcomed in all quarters. A spokesman for the Conservative Party said: "This new procedure is a disgrace. It will undermine marriage and make Britain even more broken".


  1. Whatever will Baroness Deech think?

  2. Yes, she's not going to be too pleased...

  3. The link only produced an Error 404 message. Could it have been an April Fool's joke?

  4. Damn BBC. Hopefully, they will fix it...


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