Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No gambling with child support

I've blogged previously about the American idea of casinos deducting any child support arrears from the winnings of their patrons. Well, now Missouri may ban 'deadbeat' parents who have a conviction for owing child support from even entering casinos in the state. Quite how such a law would work, I'm not sure. Would casinos have to do a police check on every patron before letting them in? Or would it just be that any convicted child support debtor found in a casino commits an offence?

I quite liked the idea of deducting arrears from winnings - at least that benefits the children. However, restricting the debtor's liberties in this way is unlikely to encourage them to cough up the money they owe. Still, I suppose the same could be said for disqualifying non-payers from driving over here, although driving is a rather more valuable liberty than the right to gamble.

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