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At the end of a week with very little serious family law news, I suppose it was inevitable that I would be driven to something like this. So, inspired by this important article in the Guardian, here is my emoticon ode to divorce (if you haven't a clue what on Earth I'm on about, see here):


  1. No serious news, cough, splutter?

    General election called?

    Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Bill rushed through Lords for Royal Assent by Monday?

    Child spies to sabotage teachers' careers?

    Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change?

    2nd part of BBC series on fathers not shown due to possible injunction?

    CAFCASS takes 4,000 man hours to prepare for each Ofsted report?

    Fathers 4 Justice back on the campaign trail?

    Cameron commits Tories to major review of family law and preliminary report by the autumn?

  2. OK, but apart from that, no serious news!


  3. Major LOLs. Well done. Can you do one for accountants now pls, thankyou? ;)

    In other news, I thought you may be interested in this divorce infographic - a survey of family law firms showing the changing reasons for divorce during boom and bust of the economy.

    Reasons for divorce vs state of the economy

    It suggests there may be a series of postponed divorces occurring in 2010. Which might make you :)

  4. And of course the reversal of Clayton v Clayton.

  5. Not sure if it entirely "reversed"- Michael pelling is looking through final version - Hemming thinks not....or maybe not


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