Sod the children, this could win votes

I've not commented upon this up until now, but I found it quite appalling (although not at all surprising) that the Government decided that Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Bill did not warrant proper consideration and was therefore suitable for the 'wash up' procedure, being rushed through before parliament was dissolved. This seems to me to say it all about politicians: being backed by the media, the further opening up of the family courts is a potential vote-winner, so let's push it through without fully considering the possible consequences for the children involved.

"We have established the Family Justice Review to examine reforms to the family justice system making it more child-focused and family-centred." So says the Labour Party Manifesto. I'm sorry? "Child-focused"? There doesn't seem to me to be much that is 'child-focused' about pushing through a provision about which children themselves have expressed serious reservations, without giving it the fullest consideration. Still, only a complete idiot would believe anything they read in a party manifesto...

Other lawyers far more learned than I have warned that the provisions of Part 2 "will put vulnerable children at risk", as reported by the Law Society Gazette today.