101 uses for an unwanted wedding dress

I'm not sure whether the motivation behind this site is revenge or rehabilitation (or a combination of both), but it is certainly amusing, although perhaps not for the former owner of the garment in question. The author of My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress tells us how he took up the challenge that his ex-wife gave him when she left the matrimonial home. He says that when she was removing her belongings from the house she left behind her wedding dress. When he asked her what he should do with it she somewhat foolishly replied: "Whatever the $%^@# you want", so he has now set about finding 101 uses for the unwanted frock. Amongst those he has come up with to date are a grill cover, scarecrow clothing (above) and a pasta strainer. Readers are invited to suggest their own ideas.

Moral of the story: When you leave your (ex-) husband, take the wedding dress with you.