The Big Questions

Now that the crushing boredom excitement of the election is over, I thought I would take this opportunity to answer some of the big questions that the country really wants answered, i.e. the keyword queries that brought recent visitors to this blog. So, subject to my usual disclaimer (see sidebar), here goes:

where do i find a lawyer that will take csa to court in liverpool

The methods by which you can take the CSA to court are extremely limited, but if you have a case then any family lawyer in Liverpool should be able to help you. I suggest you look here.

grandparents rights uk law

I dealt with this long ago, in this post.

who needs fathers

Children do! Despite what you may hear to the contrary, this is the view of the family justice system, and everyone working in it.

can csa disclose nrp address?

The CSA should not disclose a parent’s address unless ordered to do so by a court.

turning up for the decree nisi

Generally, no one need attend court when the decree nisi is pronounced, but either party may attend if they wish to oppose any of the orders that the court intends to make. The most common reason for a party attending is to oppose the making of a costs order against them.

consent order to pay costs but refuses

If the order provides for one party to pay the other party's costs then that costs order can be enforced, irrespective of the fact that the order was made by consent.

best divorce lawyer who won in husband's favour

You can search, but there is no such thing as the 'best divorce lawyer', and the fact that a lawyer may have 'won' a case in a husband's favour will have no bearing upon your case. All lawyers should do their best for their client.

ex-wife not cooperating with CSA

If she is not providing the CSA with the information that it requires to calculate the child maintenance, then the CSA can make a 'default maintenance decision', which will require her to pay a fixed amount, which may be more than she would otherwise be required to pay.

is a consent order binding before approved and sealed by the court

No, but it may be difficult for a party to persuade the court not to make the order.

how can i have a consent order and then my ex go to csa

Any child maintenance agreement contained in a consent order does not prevent either party applying to the CSA after one year has elapsed from the date of the order.

HOW TO END CSA Liability order

Pay the child maintenance arrears.

The election and the effect on cohabitees

I thought we had got away from the election! OK, for the main parties' policies on family matters, see here.

Is a consent order enforceable in UK family Law?


i want to be a family lawyer

Can I persuade you otherwise?

ex husband moving abroad not paying maintenance

Whether you can enforce the maintenance depends upon where he is going, but it is possible to enforce in most countries.

am i liable to pay spousal maintenance

This depends upon the circumstances - you will need to take advice specific to your case.

Lastly, not so much a query but more a statement:

csa fucking crap

Well, I won't argue with that.