Consigned to the dustbin of history

Continuing my clear-out of old papers, today I am disposing of an old file dating back to the 1980s. Entitled simply "Matrimonial - General", the file contains various office memos, law reports, articles and other items that I once felt it was essential to retain. The office memos are particularly poignant, several of the writers and recipients no longer being with us.

Highlights from the file include:
  • My handwritten College of Law revision notes for 'Family and Welfare Law', all 44 tightly-written pages of them. (I recall regularly consulting them in my early days in practice.)

  • Numerous memos regarding court fee changes. (Does anyone recall the fee on a divorce petition being £40?)

  • A copy of the Practice Direction dated 2 November 1982 advising that as from 1st January 1983 the Principal Registry would be operating a pilot scheme of conciliation in contested applications for 'custody, access and variation therof'.

  • In a similar vein, a memo dated May 1985 advising of the setting up of what I think was the first local mediation service (we called it 'conciliation' in those days).

  • A memo dated 1st August 1985 reminding us that where the petitioner knew the identity of the person with whom they alleged that their spouse committed adultery, then that person must be named in the divorce petition, and made a co-respondent to the proceedings.

  • A memo dated 8th May 1989 advising of the repeal of the Affiliation Proceedings Act 1957. Anyone remember affiliation proceedings?