Goodbye to The Thunderer

"I was on the way to buy my morning paper the other day (it’s an outrage: they erected a “pay wall” around it in 1785 and ever since then you have actually had to pay money to read it)"

- Giles Coren, The Times, 29th May 2010.

Hmm, I'm not entirely certain that it is appropriate to compare the current situation with a 1785 business model - perhaps that is the problem. Be that as it may, from the 1st June The Times' website will disappear behind a paywall. Accordingly, from that date news stories, articles and law reports from The Times will no longer be mentioned in Family Lore Focus, or the Family Lore Focus Newsletter. I'm not sure if old stories previously linked from Family Lore Focus will still be available, but if they are not then I apologise for the inconvenience.

I had toyed with the idea of subscribing to The Times and still including links to relevant material in Family Lore Focus, with a warning that a subscription was required to view the material. However, the whole ethos behind Family Lore Focus is that it provides links to free resources on the internet, so I decided against that idea. For me, the greatest thing about the internet has always been the free access that it provides to vast amounts of information (Geeklawyer would call me a 'Freetard'), and it is no different in the field of law. In fact, shouldn't the law be freely available? This not only benefits members of the public, but can also reduce the overheads of law providers. Accordingly, Family Lore Focus will continue to provide only links to free internet family law resources, of which I am glad to say that there are still many.

In fact, it is said that when one door closes another opens, and it is certainly the case that I have added a number of sources of family law information to Family Lore Focus recently (such as the new law section in The Guardian), and no doubt will continue to do do. In fact, if any reader should be aware of any such source that they think I do not use, then please let me know. As far as I am aware, Family Lore Focus remains the only site that provides links to a full range of free UK family law resources across the internet, including Bailii, the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, UK Parliament, Resolution, Family Law Week, Jordan's Family Law, Weekly Law Reports and UK family law blogs.

Family Lore Focus is a blog-driven website, with information feeding in to its front page from no fewer than five different blogs: Family Lore News, Family Lore Case Digest, Family Lore Articles, Family Lore Blogs and Family Lore Podcasts, all of which have just been updated. Each blog includes an archive of everything posted on it and a subject index so that you can, for example, search the Digest for cases under the subject Ancillary Relief: Barder event.

For a weekly summary of the most important items on Family Lore Focus you can subscribe to the free weekly Newsletter, here.


  1. ahem - steady on John. you're not quite the only one linking to all the free stuff out there... ;-)

    I wondered too about existing links to Times articles...I expect they will be inaccessible which is a shame.

  2. You mean, there is someone else out there checking over 100 sources several times a day every day and posting all the links to the top family law news stories, cases, legislation, articles and blog posts? They must be mad...



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