Blogroll weeding

Having put off the task for quite long enough, I've finally begun weeding out moribund (or apparently moribund) blogs from my blogroll. If you think that I have wrongly applied the weedkiller to your blog please let me know, and I'll reinstate it.


  1. *** Phew****! I am really Glad that I haven't been Weedol'ed! Thanx John!! :)
    ( PS Rosie is in Kitten AGAIN, the unmitigated tart that she is. I'll bet Muhammed is glad he's been deprived of his bits)

  2. Must be the warm weather, I was thinking about undertaking the same task. Secateurs at the ready...

  3. LM: How could I Weedol you? I still wear my Lawminx Blog Award with pride! As for Muhammad, he's sleeping in the sun in blissful ignorance.

    NL: I see that you are environmentally friendly. I prefer the chemical remedies myself...


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