Conduct inequitable to disregard

Wives hiring hitmen to kill their husbands is clearly a common occurrence in California. In fact, such is the scale of the problem that politicians there are seeking to pass a law to stop wives who unsuccessfully hire hitmen to kill their husbands from then benefiting in a divorce, according to this report in The Telegraph today.

Under Californian law a couple's assets are usually shared equally on divorce, but if one spouse is convicted of attempting to murder the other then they may not benefit from the divorce. However, this rule does not apply where they hire someone else to do the job, and one husband who avoided the hitman's bullet but not the divorce court's hatchet has asked state politicians to change the law.

Over here, I rather suspect that hiring a hitman to kill your spouse would amount to conduct "such that it would in the opinion of the court be inequitable to disregard", thereby extinguishing (or at least seriously reducing) that party's financial claims.

Quite why so many Californian wives are going to such lengths to rid themselves of their husbands, rather than simply divorcing them, is not explained in the report.