Green Form blues

When I posted last month about the old Application for Legal Aid Certificate (Matrimonial), a couple of commenters mentioned the old Green Form, used to give 'Legal Advice and Assistance'. Well, I also found a few of those amongst my old papers, left over from when they were replaced by 'Legal Help' forms, back in the mists of time. I actually liked the Green Form - it comprised just one sheet of A4 and was, unsurprisingly, green (which made it easy to find in the file). You only had to fill in the front at the first interview, a task that took but a minute, and even the claim for payment on the reverse was quite simple to complete. Of course, those in charge of legal aid decided that all of this was too easy, and the good old Green Form had to go. I am informed that the current Legal Help form comprises no fewer than seven pages, thus ensuring that maximum time is spent on form-filling, rather than actually helping the client.


  1. Now if this Government are serious about reducing waste and all that they should start on forms. This Green form did exactly what it needed to do, no more no less...perfect

  2. Yes, and at a stroke you reduce the bureaucracy required to process the forms!

  3. If people were serious about green it would be a great thing.


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