May Post of the Month

Simple Justice is one of the best-written blogs I know. It is therefore somewhat ironic that when it wins my Post of the Month trophy, I should choose a post that was (mostly) not written by its author, Scott Greenfield. A Mere 56 Years Ago Today comes from Professor John Q. Barrett of St. John's University School of Law, who is writing the biography of US Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson, and describes the announcement of the Supreme Court's decision in the famous school segregation case Brown v. Board of Education. By a unanimous 9-0 the court decided that separate educational facilities for black and white students were "inherently unequal", and therefore the plaintiffs were deprived the equal protection of the law to which they were entitled. The decision thus paved the way for integrated schooling in all states.

In these days of cynical attitudes towards the courts, the post is a useful reminder of how a strong and independent judiciary can be a force for good in society.