Uffington: New F4J's response

Following my last post I have received this email from fathers' rights group New Fathers 4 Justice:

"Although we can not condone the purple painting of the Uffington White Horse in the words of Martin Luther King

'Our lives begin to end the day we stay silent about things that matter'

.......................And our children and their future matter!!

Every day we hear from disgruntled dads who are becoming more millitant with the lack of contact with their children and support from the new coalition government.

Daily distressed fathers contact us in desperation about the abuse they are suffering in hands of the family court system.

In the 21st century fathers deserve equality when it comes to child contact and nothing less will suffice.

It is only a matter of time before angry fathers climb rooftops,Courts,bridges and landmarks again.

We would rather be spending time with our children but feel we have no other option.

David Cameron could open the Family Courts up tomorrow if he wants but instead remains silent on this issue. He even ousted Shadow Justice Secretary Herny Bellingham MP from this post after the election, the man who he asked to organise a review of the Family Court system.

If it takes a bit of purple paint or disruption to traffic to raise awareness to the fact that this new goverment is already dragging its heels over fathers rights then we say 'So be it'

Expect the unexpected!
New Fathers 4 Justice

For mor information please visit www.newfathers4justice.info

See you at Djanolgy house on the 12th??"

The reference to Djanolgy house is to a protest that the group intend to make outside the home of new Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice Jonathan Djanogly, similar to the one they made outside the home of David Laws MP, pictured above.

Pink Tape has already given her own take on the activities of fathers' rights groups. I suspect that she, too, may be receiving an email...