Thursday, June 24, 2010

A very bad idea...

Another remarkable story from Florida Divorce tells of a father who wanted to see his son, so he forced his way into the mother's home and used pepper spray to enable him to take the child. Thankfully, I don't think pepper spray is legally available in this country. However, lest any parent should obtain some and think it would be a good idea to use it to secure contact, they should consider that this father was subsequently arrested and charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, child endangerment, child abuse, assault and battery, and domestic assault and battery. He is also likely to have severe difficulty in securing any future contact with his son.


  1. I did this also, worked for the evening, but not the long run, not advisable.

  2. Yeah, it's especially useless when it's not your own son, or you don't know the mother, or you were the former nanny.

    People are so touchy, they get the wrong idea. The courts, well, they're just biased.


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