World Cup Report

The BBC reported a couple of weeks back that the Association of Chief Police Officers has warned of the threat of increased domestic violence during England's World Cup campaign. Apparently, reports of domestic violence increased by an average of 25% on England's match days during the last World Cup in 2006. Today, the Ministry of Justice informs us that staff at West Yorkshire Probation Trust have teamed up with local police in a campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence and support its victims during the World Cup. The campaign, appropriately called 'Don’t let the World Cup leave its mark on you', includes posters, leaflets and radio advertisements.

I find it remarkably sad that watching 22 grown men kick a ball around a field can lead to domestic violence, but I suppose that consuming copious amounts of alcohol in the process may have something to do with it. So much for the 'beautiful game'...

Let us hope for the sake of domestic violence victims that England play as few games as possible in this tournament.

(As an aside, and without wishing to trivialise this serious issue, someone on Twitter (who obviously doesn't know me) recently asked me who I thought would win the World Cup. I didn't reply, but having applied my full footballing knowledge to the question, I can now reveal my answer: the World Cup will be won by a team of overpaid prima donna ball kickers. Who said I didn't know anything about football?)


  1. when asked the same question the other day, my equally football-unenthused other half replied 'advertisers and market executives'!

  2. I hope England play as many games as possible and win the world cup.


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