Block those smelly feet

Much has been said recently about Facebook being used in divorce proceedings. Well, Simon Owens of the Bloggasm blog has drawn my attention to a possible antidote for those who are fed up reading what their ex is getting up to on Facebook (or anywhere else on the net, come to that), but can't resist looking. 'Ex-Blocker' is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers (not yet available for Internet Explorer, but who uses that nowadays?) that not only removes the user's ability to look at their ex's Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts, but removes their name from the internet entirely, including from Google search results and blogs. You can even add up to five ex-partners, for those unfortunate enough to have that many. To quote the blurb:

"His cute hair and perfect smile, along with his smelly feet, inability to hold down a job, and embarrassing table manners can now not only be barred from your memory but from every aspect of your activity online."

I suspect that the Ex-Blocker may get quite a few downloads...

(Note that I haven't tried Ex-Blocker, so I make no warranties about it - try it at your own risk.)