Divide and rule

A New York judge has ordered a divorcing couple to build a wall in their house, dividing it into two separate parts, one for each to live in. I've heard of this being done before (although not in this country), but imagine that it would rarely work in practice. Still, it beats sawing the house in two...


  1. Didnt Charles Dickens actually brick off his half of the family bedroom as testimony to his falling out of love with his wife, or is this an urban myth?
    Either way, dont this post just beat all? Never let it be said that the Americans never EVER take things to extremes when it comes to matters of divorce/property/property and divorce......

  2. Yes, I love the way Americans do things!

  3. Crazy that the arrangement should be imposed, especially in US with their gun control laws (lack of). Seen it happen in England, though, where couple decided with a mediator's help that it was best for them and their kids. Good example of how same orders can have such different implications when reached either by a positive compromise or by imposition.

  4. I have heard of couples putting a board down the middle of the bed, I think was in America too, in one of their more conservative religions.


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