Note to self: This is what I do

As I approach one year since I gave up practising (more about which later in the week) I thought I would remind myself exactly what it is that I spend my time doing these days, apart from blogging that is.

I also run Family Lore Focus, a site that takes links to family law news stories, cases, legislation, articles, podcasts and blog posts, and puts them all in one (hopefully) handy place. Well, that's not quite true - it actually puts them in five places, although the most recent can be found on the front page of Family Lore Focus.

So, how does it work? Well, every day (or more likely several times each day) I scour the net for:

1. Family law news stories - these may come from numerous sources, including law sites, general news sites, Resolution and government sites (including legislation). Links to the ones that I think may be of interest go onto the Family Lore News blog.

2. Family law cases - from various sources, including Bailii, Family Law Week, Family Law and the Weekly Law Reports. Links to these, together with headnotes (which I write if there is none) go onto the Family Lore Case Digest blog, under appropriate subject headings, which are, of course searchable.

3. Family law articles - again, from various sources, including Family Law, Family Law Week and the Law Society Gazette. Links to articles of interest go on the Family Lore Articles blog, under appropriate subject headings.

4. Lastly, family law related blog posts. Here, I'm a bit more choosy about what I link to. With no disrespect to any bloggers out there, many family law blog posts are little more than thinly veiled advertising for the services offered by the blogger or their firm. Now, that's a perfectly valid use of blogging, but I only include links to posts whose content I think will be useful to anyone with an interest in family law. Those links go on the Family Lore Blogs blog.

OK, I mentioned five places earlier. The fifth is Family Lore Podcasts, which these days comprise the Family LoreCasts that I record with Natasha Phillips of Divorce Manual (we are currently enjoying a summer vacation).

As I indicated above, all five blogs feed onto the front page of Family Lore Focus. In addition, the latest news stories and cases also feed onto Twitter.

Finally, the top news stories, cases, legislation, articles, podcasts and blog posts all go into the Family Lore Focus Newsletter, a free weekly email which anyone can subscribe to here.

* * * * *

I was going to write a song about what I do, but I never finished it:

A Day In My Life

Wake up, fall out of bed
Pull a t-shirt over my head,
Make my way downstairs and boot up my PC,
While I wait I make a cup of tea.
Grab some toast and feed the cat,
Check my emails in seconds flat.

I read the news every day oh, boy
A hundred feeds in my reader
And though the number of relevant stories is rather small
I have to read them all
So now you only need one port of call

...and at that point I lost the will to live.


  1. Do you prefer reading and commenting on family law to being a family lawyer?

  2. Hi Lynne,

    A good question, to which the answer is a resounding 'yes', although perhaps I was practising for too long!

  3. I do find your site useful and the only site I know worth reading on this subject.

    Although I did hear on the radio yesterday morning on the today programme on radio 4 the haed of cafcass defending the organisation. He did also mention that the family courts were being reviewed thoroughly.

    I did find your post a couple of weeks ago with the questionaire on family law (for example) very very good and helpful and informative and I do appreciate having a site I can find this information. It is a shame that neither the government, nor cafcass, not F4J or FnF have web sites as informative on family law news as yours.

  4. p.s. I meant to say thank you at the end, perhaps I am becoming more American, I need to change that, so, Thank you.

  5. Thank you for those very kind comments.

  6. I am not a family lawyer but I am still a keen follower of your blog. I envy you being able to give up case work. I would do so tomorrow and spend more time reading and writing about the bigger pictures if I did not have to pay the bills. For this reason I hope you won't mind me asking if you are able to make a living out of the work you now do as outlined in your post and if so how.

  7. The links and round-ups certainly help me. It's very public-spirited of you to undertake all that research.

  8. Thanks. Glad you find it helpful.


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