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As any regular reader of this blog will know, I gave up practising last year. I therefore allowed my practising certificate to lapse and subsequently ignored the enquiry from the SRA asking whether I wished to keep my name on the roll of solicitors, blissfully forgetting that not being on the roll meant that I could no longer describe myself as a 'solicitor'. When I was notified of my removal from the roll I woke up to this fact and hastily sent off an application for restoration. Today I have been informed that my name is once again on the roll.

Of course, the more cynical reader may wonder quite why I would want to be known as a solicitor, given the low esteem in which the profession is held (hence the graphic above - I thought I'd make the joke before anyone else did), but I have my reasons. And lest anyone should think I have any intention of practising again, I can assure them that I do not - I may be mad, but not that mad.


  1. My Dear John,

    To have gone through the legal wringer ( as you undoubtedly have) during your career the loss of the title 'Solicitor' would surely be unthinkable - its absolutely yours, and the rotten old SRA should at least allow laywers such as yourself to enter into a 'resting' part of the roll before wiping you off completely!

    PS: I see, too that you have engaged in the, great loo roll debate i.e whether to feed the paper from the bottom, or from the top!!! ( personally I believe it should be fed from the top but then I am a high maintenance sort of minx)

  2. Hi Minx!

    Yes, the top/bottom of the loo roll debate is a serious issue, and the image should not be taken to suggest that I am biased one way or the other.

  3. So, having the loo roll from the top means I am generous, well, perhaps my ex wife was wrong about that after all!

    Mind you the way my girlfriend and her children (especially the teenage boy) get through it I am thinking of rationing or putting a quota system in place.


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