The truth about child support, and other matters

The two posts on child support that I put up this week produced a lively and amusing entertaining debate. During the course of it we found:

1. That the CSA/CMEC are communists.

2. That child support is actually a tax (and there was I thinking it was to do with maintaining your children).

3. That some parents don't think they should pay any child support (no news there, then).

4. That child support discourages marriage.

5. That whether parents pay child support is nobody's business but theirs.

6. That if a parent pays child support they should have an automatic right to contact with their children, irrespective of any other factors.

7. That if a parent refuses to pay child support we should not compel them to do so.

8. That it would cause less pain to non resident fathers if they were shot rather than be required to support their children.

9. That the welfare of children is none of our business.

10. That Fathers4Justice are not 'quite' nutters.

11. That Judges are sexist.

12. That the CSA is immoral.

13. That child support is about middle class people trying to find someone to look down their noses at.

OK, I admit that some of the debate was quite reasonable and constructive. Nevertheless, for the sake of my sanity I have decided to disable comments for this post.