Celebrity Watch

As regular readers will know, I've generally shied away from featuring celebrities on Family Lore. However, I've decided to start a new feature Celebrity Watch, as I thought that maybe we could actually learn something from what our idols are getting up to. Or maybe not. To kick off, here are two stories in the tabloid press today:

Firstly, The Mirror ensures that Cheryl Cole remains in the headlines by reporting that she has "missed the deadline for a "quickie" divorce" (whatever that means), because of her recent bout of malaria. Apparently, this will for some reason result in the decree nisi possibly now taking months to secure. Mrs Cole has, however, instructed her lawyers to make up for lost time by working around the clock. I wonder how much their hourly rate is after midnight...

The second story comes from The Sun, and involves Robbie Williams and his forthcoming nuptials. Very sensibly, Robbie has chosen to protect his not inconsiderable wealth (as fully documented by The Sun), by persuading his bride-to-be to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Take that, Ms Field!


  1. Malaria? Tanzania? Missed?

    Celebrities don't get malaria from anywhere and hot-shot solicitors don't miss deadlines.

    I don't believe a word of it. You'll be telling me she's going to have a civil partnership with her own Vuiton handbag next, and that it has signed a pre-nup which is valid in Lichtenstein.

  2. :-)

    I don't make it up, I just report it!


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