News Bites: Legal aid cuts and Skyping children

A couple of things to mention:

A group of the great and the good, including Cherie Booth QC and James Turner QC, have written to The Guardian today to express their "dismay at the arbitrary decision-making process by which it seems the Legal Services Commission has barred leading family law solicitors, in particular those who specialise in protecting victims of forced marriages and "honour"-based violence, from continuing to act for legally aided clients". They "call upon the LSC to demonstrate the public value of experience over bureaucracy by urgently revisiting its decision". I hope that the LSC are listening - I shall be returning to the debacle that is the legal aid contract tendering process in another post later today.

Meanwhile, a court in New York has permitted a mother to relocate to Florida, provided that the father can video chat with the children via Skype, several times a week. I don't know whether such a thing has been included in a contact order over here, but it seems a pretty good (and obvious) idea in cases involving large distances between the parents. For details of the case, see this story in the New York Divorce Report.


  1. Acting as an Agent, we saw an order last week that provided for regular contat by web cam. Just one problem, mum receives legal aid and can't afford a pc or a web cam. Seemed to go over the DJ's head.

  2. Nice to see judges in touch with the real world...


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