News Bites

Another new feature on Family Lore is News Bites, which will comprise short but (hopefully) interesting news stories that either don't make it into Family Lore News, or upon which I will make just a brief comment.

The first such story concerns a high-profile casualty of the legal aid contract tendering process. Apparently, Anne-Marie Hutchinson's firm Dawson Cornwell has been refused a contract to handle general family law (although they have been granted a contract to do child abduction work). For those who don't know, Ms Hutchinson is a leading family lawyer who has had an extremely distinguished career, including being awarded an OBE for her services to international child abduction and adoption in 2002 and receiving the International Bar Association's Outstanding International Woman Lawyer Award in 2010. Sadly, it seems that the reality of post-October 2010 legal aid is that not only will the poorest in society have less choice, but that they will also be denied access to some of the best legal advisers.