Not a good idea #2...

Yesterday I posted about a father who tried to avoid paying child support by sending a friend to give DNA samples. Today, I came across a story of a father in America who was prepared to go to even greater lengths to avoid payment. Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre jumped out of a third floor window to elude arrest on a warrant for $5,979.66 unpaid child support. Unfortunately, his escape attempt did not succeed and he suffered multiple compound fractures to both legs, among other injuries. I think I would rather have paid the money...


  1. Nah. But perhaps rather than pay the money and break the legs and be sent down which is probably what he got, even then it is marginal (at least in his mind) as he clearly doesn't want to pay.

  2. I agree, John. Loss of liberty and loss of mobility are not options when it comes to child support obligations. These guys must have been either very desperate or very crazy (or both).

    I HOPE they didn't just act "out of principle" - being against the concept of child support per se ignores a parent's financial obligations to his or her children. Like it or not, kids cost money to feed, clothe, house and educate. Somehow that simple notion often seems to get lost in the anger about making large child support payments "to an ex".

    If the non-custodial parent is firm in his/her understanding that money is needed for the children's housing, food, clothes, etc., then that parent stands a much better chance (in my experience, anyway) of contesting the actual dollar amount in the face of good faith, unforeseeable and unanticipated/material changes of circumstances.

    Did these guys even try to obtain downward modifications? Granted, the family courts are not prone to grant them often (unless they're subject to automatic review and adjustment, another story altogether), but jeez! Better to try getting relief from the courts than to jump out of a window!

  3. I think I'd rather jump out of a window than go back to family court again, hated it.

  4. Can't say I blame you, Anon.......I wish it were otherwise.... :<O


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