Not a good idea #3...

Following on from this post and this post, here's another bad idea for those who don't like paying child support.

Let me tell you about the case of Heck v Heck, heard recently by the Court of Appeals of Missouri, Western District. It essentially concerned Mr Heck's appeal against the trial court's award of child support. Now, the charming Mr Heck had not done all he could to show himself to the court in the best light. In fact, there were one or two things that he did that didn't go down too well with the court, including:
  • Disconnecting the battery cables on Mrs Heck's car

  • Putting a mixture of Vaseline, mustard, brown sugar, and sardines on the doors and sidewalks at Mrs Heck's workplace;

  • After she obtained an order of protection, sending Mrs Heck threatening text messages, including one warning that: "If you get sole custody, you'll never live through the night";

  • Informing Mrs Heck that he would minimise his income, hide assets and do whatever was necessary to avoid obligations such as child support;

  • Sending Mrs Heck photographs of a number of $100 bills while claiming he had no money; and

  • Telling Mrs Heck that: "When you are broke, I will take the kids."
Needless to say, Mr Heck's appeal was dismissed.


  1. What a case - Yet another example of the old adage, "You can't make this stuff up!!


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