Prudent: Divorce Insurance

My thanks to James Gross of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier for bringing my attention to what is claimed to be the world's first divorce insurance. Called WedLock, the insurance "reduces the risk that your individual/personal financial situation will be negatively impacted by legal fees and other costs associated with divorce".

Here's how it works. For $15.99 per month each, you purchase units that will each initially pay out $1,250 when you make a claim (by providing proof of your divorce). Claims can only be made after the four-year 'maturity period' has expired, although if you're not confident that your marriage will last even that long, you can pay to have the period reduced to three years. On the other hand, if you can stick it out beyond the maturity period you will get an extra $250 cover per unit for every year you stay together.

To help you decide that you need divorce insurance, the WedLock website incudes all sorts of helpful calculators, my favourite of which is the Divorce Probability Calculator. Now why don't all divorce law firms have one of those on their websites?

Whilst I couldn't possibly endorse this product (at least, not without a suitable payment), anything that helps to ensure that needy divorce lawyers receive their fees seems like an excellent idea to me.