Rubbish fashion

I am told that there is a woman inside one of these bin-bags, although quite why she is there completely escapes me.

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  1. Something to do with religion. Must be important because the Taliban have not been defeated and have stood up to the most powerful armies of the world combined, USA and USSR and UK and France and Germany and Holland. Going on the maxim might is right and possession is the law I am not sure we can patronise them as you do without feeling a little foolish ourselves. It does look like they are winning.

  2. You feel foolish if you want. I certainly don't.

  3. the woman disguised as a bin bag is the reason for our continuing failure in afghanistan then? stupid bloody americans should just send in our bin men. they pick up the blue bags every monday. war over - badda bing! obviously the british can't do it as we have cut local services so that refuse collections are now only every 28.3 years. hence our target date for afghan disengagement.

  4. I don't think it is worth fighting a war over.

    Although I know the move to every other week collections has been controversial.

    I am not sure it is worth worrying about. You can't go round intervening in all other countries domestic disputes.

    That said I don't appreciate seeing this kind of thing down my local high street and think we should take after France and Switzerland and bad them. The local mosque were refused planning permission for a minerette and got a dome instead for (a good) example. Also don't like the way the Poles and Slovaks and everyone else has meant getting a meal in KFC these days too complicated as they don't queue which means the place is now ridiculous, we should get out of the EU also away from these dodgey foreigners.

  5. absolutely - never had wars when the world was peopled entirely by us brits did we! and we developed a sensible system for taking away their rubbish.
    i like anon and want t hear more surrealism in international politics.
    apols for the old joke but i'm not even sure whether anonymous actually wrote that or a different commenter by the same name.

  6. Yes, the world is a wonderful and enjoyable place when you know you are right all the time. Like Blair seems to smile a lot.

  7. Thanks for the nicenest, I like you too, I find you less emotional than women on a raft. Perhaps the sharks got her or she found some tranquility.

  8. well, anon, i asked for more surrealism and i was rewarded. lovin it!

    i hope blair's rictus grin is the result of the effort involved in walking with something large and uncomfortable stuck where the sun don't shine (or whence he probably thinks it DOES).


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