Stripped Bare by the LSC

I have mentioned Yvonne Hossack on this blog previously. She is the Principal of Hossacks Solicitors, who specialise in acting for the disabled. I received an email from Yvonne yesterday, in which she informed me:

"We have lost 90% of our legal aid contract from October because of a typo on our ITT or PQQ or XYZ or I'M A SOLICITOR WHOSE OVERWORKED ASSISTANT MAKES TYPING MISTAKES UNDER STRESS SO SHOULDN’T HAVE A CONTRACT pro forma additional forms attached to the contract applications."

Roger & Christine Kinsey, the parents of one of Yvonne's clients, have decided to stage a latter-day John Lennon and Yoko Ono 'naked pensioner' protest against the cuts, as in the 'Two Virgins' pose above. Roger’s line is: “If Honourable Members won’t save Yvonne’s 2,000 disabled clients it behoves me to utilise my own, more humble, member...” I understand that Roger and Christine are also looking for a shop window in Oxford Street, where they intend to stage a 'bed-in'.

For more information about the work of Yvonne Hossack, see here.


  1. John - perhaps you should have volunteered to tattoo those words on the cheeks of Rog and Chris? ;-)


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