Tiger Woods divorce: All the 'news'

The big family law news of the moment is, of course, the finalisation of the Tiger Woods divorce. Now, I would expect this important event to take up plenty of column inches in the tabloid press, but what has surprised me is the amount of broadsheet coverage, specifically in the Telegraph. I have not scoured that esteemed publication for every mention of Tiger+Woods, but these 'stories' all cropped up in my feed reader this morning:

1. 9:34PM BST 23 Aug 2010: For those with short memories, we are given a useful timeline of the marriage breakdown.

2. 11:00PM BST 23 Aug 2010: We are told that "speculation is rife as to the exact details of the settlement". Such is the lack of information, that the Telegraph turns to that old stalwart Vanessa Lloyd Platt for her views.

3. 12:52AM BST 24 Aug 2010: We are treated to a list of the world's top ten highest divorce settlements, which is dragged out every time a large settlement is on the cards.

4. 2:00AM BST 24 Aug 2010: The Telegraph is struggling for real news now, so gives us a story about the other women involved, or at least some of them.

5. 6:00AM BST 24 Aug 2010: Finally, we are taken inside the courtroom where we are informed that: "Miss Nordegren was said to have had eight lawyers present, according to celebrity website TMZ", and that: "they did not look at each other, a source told celebrity website Radar Online".

Thank heavens that we still have the broadsheets to give us the real news...