Utterly Barristerly

Here is something else that I found amongst my late father's papers. The amusing thing about this small piece of family history is the use of the archaic (even for 1969) term 'utter barrister'. I have it on the very good authority of BabyBarista that the term refers to being called to the ‘utter’ or ‘outer’ Bar, as against the 'inner' Bar.


  1. "Utter Barrister" - old, but not forgotten! That's where I get my own blog name from (http://www.utterant.co.uk)

    Enjoyed the certificate a lot - pity they don't make them like this any more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure.

    (P.S. Added your blog to my blogroll.)

  3. It's not often I see a genuine RSOT.


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