Baroness Deech spouts... yet again

Never shy to miss an opportunity to publicise her views, Baroness Deech has given an interview to Family Law. Part 1, in which she discusses the issue of cohabitation, appears here. For those familiar with her views, it contains nothing new: the usual Baroness Deech Daily Mail-esque soundbites:

"I can't see why a man should have to give a woman money because he has lived with her for a while"

[Property rights for cohabitees] "would be a busy new field for lawyers"

"A woman who has never worked may be rewarded with a sum that most women will never see in a lifetime of salaried employment"

"I am afraid the message that goes out to young girls now is: "If you can't be a celebrity yourself, you had better find one to live with""

"The battered and abused babies reportedly are nearly always living with a single mother and a boyfriend who is not the father of the child"

"children are much less likely to suffer abuse if they stay in a stable, married family for their early years"

"the behaviour most likely to make society unhealthy, that damages these children more than anything else, is their father - it is usually the father - walking out and leaving them with no support"

"Fifty years ago, divorce was much more rare. So a woman could, with confidence, give up work, raise her children, knowing that it was extremely unlikely that she would be left"

"Cohabiting parents are five times more likely to break up before the child is eleven than married parents"

Etc., etc...

I can't wait for Part 2...


  1. ow! *sound of head hitting desk*
    repeat until i lose consciousness. what most distresses me about this woman is that she apparently speaks for barristers. but some of us aren't nutters! how did that happen?

    i especially love the facile equation of 'stable' with 'married'. do you think she is seeing rowan williams at weekends?

  2. Now, that's just a vicious rumour!


  3. I thought it was the Wife who usually petitioned for divorce, not the husband doing a runner.

    The back to the 50s comment, no thank you. Do agree with her about not having co-habiting law as I would like to live with my partner and such a law would prevent that. No marriage lite thank you.


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