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Here's yet another study of relationship breakdown. This one is from America, and explores the correlation between occupation and separation/divorce. Based on census data, the study found that dancers and choreographers registered the highest divorce rates (43.1 percent listed themselves as divorced or separated), followed by bartenders (38.4 percent) and massage therapists (38.2 percent). Amongst the lowest were optometrists (4 percent), clergy (surprise, surprise, 5.6 percent) and podiatrists (6.8 percent). Quite what we are to make of this information is not clear...

Meanwhile, at the offices of Messrs Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, Mr Venal has seen this story on his computer, and is not slow to spot a business opportunity:


  1. That's a fun study, John!

    I wonder how detailed the researchers were in examining the personality types, sexual orientation and work hours of their subjects. (Maybe those fish and game wardens were working one too many dawn shifts in the duck blinds...)


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