Hard times

Following on from the story that Mr and Mrs Pratt may not be getting divorced after all, there is more bad news for divorce lawyers. Just as they were about to commence a very lucrative sad divorce, former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant announced their reconciliation. I guess it's time to cancel the order for that luxury yacht...


  1. John, I'm thinking that Guy Ferro and Bob Dobrish (Mr. Brandt's attorneys, both of whom are outstanding lawyers) are quite likely to be relieved that they're not stressing through yet another crazed litigation anymore.

    And I suspect that they're going to have nice billables for the post-nuptial agreement -- Do we doubt for an instant that's behind why the case is over? ;<)

    Don't you wonder what the premiums will be...? Six or, more likely, seven figures? (I'm sure the lawyers will be doing almost as well, maybe even better, without the litigation!)

  2. Yes, I'm sure we don't need to feel sorry for them!


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