Solicitor who didn't walk away now fears bankruptcy

Lawyers have a reputation for caring nothing for their clients and only being interested in maximising their bank balances. Well, here's a story that shows that not all lawyers are fat cats with second houses who drive expensive cars and go on regular exotic holidays. It features solicitor Yvonne Hossack, who regular readers may recall lost most of her legal aid contract in the recent tendering process. Well, now Yvonne has been landed with a £24,000 bill for costs following her taking on Wolverhampton City Council in a failed attempt to stop them closing a care home during the life of the residents.

The case was taken on on behalf of a 107 year-old resident of the home, Louisa Watts. Unfortunately, Mrs Watts died in August leaving no assets and as her solicitor Yvonne is liable for the costs, a risk that she was aware of when she took on the case. Yvonne already faces losing her business as a result of the legal aid debacle, and now her three-bedroomed home is at risk. She also fears possible bankruptcy. Of the case she says she has no regrets, saying: "I could not see people who fear that moving home will kill them or shorten their lives and just walk away".


  1. i'll chip in. give me her email address.
    what a star. much like a lot of those who work in law centres.


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