It seems that David Norgrove, the Chair of the Family Justice Review Panel, has given an interview to The Times. As that august publication is now hidden behind the great paywall of Murdoch, I have not read the interview. However, reports of the interview appear elsewhere, in the (still) free media.

For example, the Telegraph today tells us the now old news that the Review will 'recommend the introduction of a compulsory mediation stage before any financial or custodial dispute is heard in court', and quotes Mr Norgrove as telling The Times that "the family justice system costs more than £1.6 billion, but that nine in every ten cases could be dealt with out of court". Meanwhile however, the Daily Mail today quotes him as saying: "There is a general sense that more cases can and should be devolved from the court-based process. That is the case with 90 per cent of cases now, but 10 per cent is still a lot of cases".

Huh? Isn't 90% the same as 9 out of ten, or have I missed something?