Hiding assets is nothing new

Mishcon de Reya seem to be the latest law firm to jump on the do-a-survey-for-publicity bandwagon. This time the survey looked into the issue of spouses hiding assets from each other.

One of the main findings of the survey was that one in ten men would try to hide assets from their partner if getting divorced. Looking back on twenty-five years of practising family law, that figure comes as no surprise to me.

I can recall many cases of husbands (they were invariably the main asset-holders) attempting to hide assets, or hide their true value. This has always happened (irrespective of the White v White 'yardstick of equality of division'), and always will. Self-preservation is simply human nature. Unfortunately, of course, the recent decision in the Tchenguiz v Imerman case is only likely to encourage such behaviour.