Homework for parents

We may have parenting classes over here, but a judge in Canada has gone one further. He has ordered a couple involved in a dispute over their children to read three books about parenting in a divorce situation before they return to court in December, and provide proof that they completed the assignment, by the 30th November. They must also write "a one-page summary for each book of one insight that they have gained from it and one strategy, if any, they are prepared to adopt based on it". Explaining the reasoning behind the order Judge David Price said that it: "may improve their ability to communicate and resolve some of the issues that are still troubling them".

How long before we see similar orders over here?


  1. Okay, I'm going to admit that I was laughing pretty heftily when I read this article.

    Not at the fact that he made them read the 3 parenting books, but at the fact that he made them do book reports as if they were still in elementary school.

    I guess, whatever works, works :)



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