Is your wife being screwed by David Beckham?

We're sure you were as shocked as we were to read in the Daily Mail this week about the false allegations made against our national hero David Beckham by an 'acquaintance' of his.

In case you haven't seen the story, the saintly David has been named in a court case over claims of an affair with Shery Shabhani, a 'Hollywood jeweller to the stars'. In connection with her divorce proceedings, Mrs Shabhani alleges that her husband has falsely accused her of having an affair with David. As a result, David has been forced to deny the relationship.

If David had been having a sexual relationship with Mrs Shabhani then that would, of course, have been adultery. Adultery is a ground for divorce.

If you think your wife is being screwed by David Beckham (or, come to that, anyone else), then we at Venal & Grabbit can help. We'll show them the real meaning of being screwed. Forget all that namby-pamby mediation and collaborative law nonsense, we'll take them for every penny!

[This post was sponsored by Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors.]


  1. John, this blog just started to get interesting....I missed this whole story! Are you serious? A jeweller is accusing Mr. Beckman of these improprieties?! (BTW I loved the "Lock em up" post as well. This renewed kind of energy and wit is truly delicous. Wish I could get away with it, but because I'm a girl, I think there will be a different reaction. But I love it. I love it!

    Jeannie Goldstein

  2. Great post, John! The title is wonderful, first line of the last para's even better!!



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