No 'miracle' at Chilean mine

There is only one story in the news today: the rescue of the Chilean miners. It is, of course, excellent news and I hope it continues to a successful conclusion, but it is not the 'miracle' that many, including the President of Chile, are claiming.

There was an amusing article in The Guardian the other day describing how rival churches are vying to claim credit for the 'miracle'. Sorry to disappoint, but praying to non-existent sky-gods, religious delusion and supernatural mumbo-jumbo have nothing to do with the rescue. There is no 'miracle'. What has got us to this point is science: science that calculated where to put the rescue shafts, science that built the drills, science that designed the rescue capsule, science that built the winch that is bringing the miners to the surface and science that is checking their health when they get there.

So, it is scientific knowledge that we should be thanking, and all those scientists throughout history who have brought us that knowledge. And if one of the deluded should say that "God is acting through human ingenuity to rescue these men", the response is simple: "Prove it."


  1. It's a little ironic that many of those who don't hold religious views bang on about it at any opportunity, rather than just get on with their own thing.

    Proselytising Atheists/Religious persons etc - Or any one who knows they are right and anyone else who disagrees with them is wrong are alike in many ways perhaps.

  2. Rubbish. I am just responding to the nonsense that theists have spouted, as they do at any opportunity.

    I am nothing like a theist, just a believer in truth and reason.

  3. god is acting through human ingenuity. as long as you believe human ingenuity is an aspect of the divine. human ingenuity did also come up with the atomic bomb of course. and the x factor. the atomic bomb does have potentially useful spin-offs, though.


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