Radmacher knackered.

I had toyed with the idea of doing another post about Radmacher, perhaps giving my opinions on pre-nuptial agreements, but to be perfectly honest, I've read and heard so much on the subject over the last two days, that I'm all 'pre-nupted' out. Besides, it would probably be impossible now to come up with something that hasn't already been said a hundred times, let alone something original. The coverage of Radmacher has been phenomenal (I'm tempted to say 'hysterical'). It's been on the television, in all of the newspapers, magazines, legal journals, blogs etc, with detailed analysis from family law experts covering every conceivable angle. Family Law alone had no fewer than five expert opinions.

All of this frenzy on a subject which is really only of interest to the rich, i.e. those with wealth to protect when they get married (a point made by Marilyn Stowe). Perhaps that says more about us than it does about pre-nuptial agreements.


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