Romance is dead...

If there's one thing you want to be sure of when you get married, it's that your spouse is well endowed (no, I mean financially). A man in Australia thought he had done just that when his wife-to-be told him that she had property worth A$200,000. Unfortunately, after he married her he found out that the property was only worth A$140,000 and had an equity of just A$20,000. So, the man did what any reasonable person would do and applied to have the marriage annulled on the basis that his wife had made false representations to obtain his consent to the marriage. The Queensland Family Court, however, was not impressed and dismissed the application. Shame.

Moral of the story: don't let romance cloud your vision - get those finances checked before you tie the knot!


  1. Now that was funny! No, but in all honesty though -- a person shouldn't marry someone SOLELY on the basis of their finances (especially a man).

    I could see him wanting to get annulled if let's say the new wife was badly and heavily in debt, but she's not.

    Just my opinion :)


  2. misrep is misrep!

    maybe she will be estopped from ever giving him a hard time - i bet denning could have come up with a justification for a whole new kind of estoppel.


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