September Post of the Month

As any regular reader of this blog will well know, I am not a man of God, or of Allah, or of Wodin, or of any other deity (although I quite like the Flying Spaghetti Monster). However, last month I briefly saw the light whilst reading a guest post on Charon QC.

Taking time off from money laundering and the odd exorcism, His Eminence Cardinal Charoni di Tempranillo gave us the benefit of his wisdom on the subject of law in a sermon entitled THE LAW DELUSION. It is a brilliant tour de force, in which he explains the origins of lawyers ("They came in the form of the serpent") and examines the Ten Commandments, and how they form the basis for an entire law industry.

Accordingly, I hope that the Cardinal will find room on his altar for another bauble - my Post of the Month trophy for September.