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CMEC v Beesley: CMEC not a creditor capable of being bound by IVA

Something for the Weekend


Mr Justice Coleridge sings "If I could turn back time"

Oh dear.

Family LoreCast #26

Dumping made easy

Domestic violence protection orders revived

Reasons to be single

The dismantling of the family justice system?

That Voodoo That You Do So Well


Why buy a Lada when you can have a Bentley?

Family LoreCast #25

W (A Minor): Change of residence not due to mother's conduct

Extreme measures

A letter to Prince William

What now for Sandra?

Comments: Five simple rules

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors...

Crack whore seeks custody

Are some fathers their own worst enemies?

Cafcass: We only get what we pay for

No legal aid for 'personal problems'?

Family LoreCast #24

Lest we forget...

(Pre-) Marriage Licence

Blimey, this decision could open the floodgates...

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors...

New Drugs and Alcohol Advisory Board Established

Beware of scammers bearing bouncy cheques

Re L-W (Children): The law is not omnicompetent

New Humanist Bad Faith Award 2010

Make it Stop

Kingdon v Kingdon: Order vitiated by material non-disclosure does not have to be set aside

Montag and Pratt: Divorce can't buy me money

Family LoreCast #23

October Post of the Month

Venal & Grabbit win contact case!

Facebook DOES have a purpose!

You win one, you lose one