Comments: Five simple rules

Once again, I find myself having to say something about commenting on this blog. I have some simple rules, that all commenters will see, but unfortunately some either don't read them or choose to ignore them, so I thought I would set them out in a post.

The rules are that the following comments will not be allowed:

(A) Comments that are not relevant to the subject of the post. It is unfortunately quite common that commenters wish to pursue their own agenda, irrespective of what the post is about. I had a remarkable example of this only yesterday, when I received an anonymous comment about the 'corrupt family courts' on my remembrance day post, which was not only irrelevant but extremely disrespectful.

(B) Comments that are (or are possibly) defamatory. I will be the judge of this, and if I have any doubt then I will err on the side of caution by removing/not publishing the comment.

(C) Comments that breach court reporting rules. You may not be concerned about committing a contempt of court, but I am.

(D) Comments that contain abusive or threatening language. Obviously. If you disagree with me, then do so in civil language.

(E) Comments that contain 'spam' advertisements. Again, if I have any doubt then I will err on the side of removing/not publishing the comment. Accordingly, if you are a commercial organisation and you have a genuine comment to make, then it would be best if you did not link back to your website - such links in the comment itself (as against the name of the commenter) will almost certainly result in removal/non-publication.

So, please just follow these simple rules, and we'll all get along.