Mr Justice Coleridge sings "If I could turn back time"

Family courts need to reassert their authority, says Mr Justice Coleridge


  1. A somewhat disturbing image to show us on a cold winter's morning, JB?

    Not clear whether you agree with Coleridge,J or not.

    "Coleridge, J" - how often have those of us with a interest in English legal history come across individuals with that name and appended title. As with certain other legal surnames that turn up on the bench, isn't the first response these days: "another Coleridge? - enough, already".

  2. For the first time I actually find myself agreeing with a Judge. The three strikes and your out policy that he proposes for denying contact I think is an excellent approach.

  3. Bravo!

    Common sense on the horizon maybe?

    Let's hope the other judges agree and follow suit.

    Mothers continually are flouting the law and denying their children their to see their fathers which is damaging.

  4. [Sings "If I could turn back time"]


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