October Post of the Month

I recall many years ago when I had just started my legal career and was still wet behind the ears appearing before a particularly forbidding High Court Master (they were all forbidding in those days, but this one especially so), and being advised beforehand by a senior colleague not to say anything about the (rather mangy) dog that always sat on a chair behind the Master. The Master did not like anyone to mention his dog. It was a good job too that I was given this advice as, being an animal lover, I would almost certainly have put my foot in it.

Know your judge is the subject of my Post of the Month for October, in which BabyBarista learns this salutary lesson the hard way. I can almost feel the pain...

BabyBarista's adventures as a pupil barrister, now going under the title Law and Disorder, is now available on Amazon at the ludicrously low price of £5.62. Grab yourself a copy if you've not done so already.


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