Reasons to be single

Having discovered when people break up, here's another graphic showing why they break up. Not sure what is to be learned from this one, save that an awful lot of people in Turkey have had an affair. A bigger version of the graphic can be found here, and more information, including a list of reasons for breaking up given by people on Twitter, here.


  1. Interesting infograph! I wonder how much a percentage of relationships make it to marriage? It's also pretty interesting to see the affair rate for Turkey is so much higher than US/UK! Do you think the 'Ex Voodoo Doll' gets sold there more? hehe.

  2. only 3 reasons to be single: husbands, wives, children.

  3. Sorry to be a killjoy, but, what about relationships which don't end in marriage and don't split up? Where are they on here.

  4. I don't know. Perhaps you should ask whoever created the graphic.

  5. oh no people like that don't exist - just ask the archbishop of canterbury.
    but if you find out, do let me know as i'm in that category and the kids would love to know what's going to happen...


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