Avoid Xmas holiday disputes

Christmas will soon be upon us. As we all know, it's a great time for children, even if they're living with your ex. Of course, your children should be with you over the holiday season. So, don't try to agree your contact with them with your ex and be fobbed off with less than you're entitled to. Come to Venal & Grabbit. We'll take your ex to court and ensure that you get the contact you deserve. Just call 01234 666-666, and have your credit card handy.

Venal & Grabbit. You know it makes sense.


  1. needs some festive holly and mistletoe on the logo. that lovely combination of the spiky and the poisonous...

  2. [The last comment is being considered by the V & G defamation department.]

  3. Alternatively, why not ask your ex in a reasonable way for some reasonable time with the kids over Xmas. Is cheaper and probably more beneficial in the short medium and long term. With John I do agree on that. I do disagree on why that is the case though, I think is more due to the impotence of the court to coerce resident parent to give substantial contact.

    Merry Xmas to all. Except my ex wive's solicitors.


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