The Sting

Here's the latest child support collection idea from America, and it's a good one.

For months fathers in Louisiana who have neglected to pay their child support have been receiving letters apparently from the 'Louisiana Recovery Directive', inviting them to come and collect 'economic stimulus' payments. However, the real sender of the letters is the Saint Tammany Parish Sheriff's Department, and when the fathers show up they are greeted by two deputies with handcuffs, their car keys are confiscated and they are locked up "until they resolve" the debt.

According to this report, about 100 men have thus far been arrested in this 'sting operation' although, as Florida Divorce points out, the strategy may lose its effectiveness once word gets out...


  1. There ought to be a law against it! Might Trading Standards be interested?

  2. No wonder they have so many people locked up over there. More than any other country on earth. It says something about consent of the public to their society that they lock up so many. Give California back to the Spanish too.

  3. is there a tort of false imprisonment in the us? probably as long as they don't take their guns away they have committed no crime.

  4. Apparently, a similar technique is being used in New Zealand.
    Single mothers who have repeatedly contravened contact orders are encouraged to come along with their children to collect a special one-off benefit payment.
    Upon arrival at the venue, child welfare officers take the children into an adjoining room where the father is waiting.

  5. Sounds like an excellent idea!

  6. It's a mad world. What on earth have we become.


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