Saturday, December 25, 2010

'Twas the court sitting before Christmas...

As I have reported before (see here for the most recent example), they have some great ideas for enforcing payment of child support on the other side of the pond. Here's one with a seasonal twist from Judge Daniel J. Bute of La Salle County, Illinois:

"The day before the courthouse closes for the Christmas holiday is known as “Deadbeat Dad Day” in La Salle County. Bute schedules his child-support compliance call right before Yuletide to give parents a tough choice: Pay your back child support or spend Christmas in the tank."

The article in the News Tribune explains why Judge Bute takes such a dim view of parents who fail to pay. It seems that he once had to pay child support himself: "Bute steadfastly made his payments no matter how broke he was. He once sold his cherished baseball card collection — including six valuable Carl Yastrzemski rookie cards — to avoid falling in arrears." Not many parents could say that...

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